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ابتثج حخدذرزسشصضطظعغفقكلمنهوي


Our website is a powerful tool that helps foreigners people who don't have the possibility to use an arabic keyboard and who wants to write with their mother tongue.To use our tool you don't have to install any add-on or software by reason that the visitors can use it easly since they don't need any technical knowledge.If you want to have any other informations about how to use our arabic keyboard online then you can check the next menu "How to use" that is on this page.

How to use ?

Using our website is very simple on the grounds that our website provides and gives you a variety of choices to suit your desires.If you want to use the our visual arabic keyboard that sits at the top, you need to move your mouse cursor to be able to click on the letter that you want to display in the textarea above. Otherwise you can use the second option that gives you the ability to write without using the visual keyboard, simply move your mouse and click in the textarea at the top so the letters that you write will be automatically converted to Arabic letter (example y = ي) according to the conversion table that is in this page. You can also go directly to Google and Youtube to search the text you've written you can also post this text in different social networks such Facebook, Twitter and you would still have the ability to copy, save, print and delete the text you wrote using the buttons at the bottom of the textarea.Finally if you still have problems while using our site and if we want to request adding new options you can contact us by clicking on the link "Contact Us" which is at the bottom.You will be redirected to a page where you will have to complete all fields then press on send a pop-up will be shown and comfirm that your message were sent successfully.We promise that we will respond to your request as soon as possible.